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Fumi is a tobacco free brand from the Swedish manufacturer The Snus Brothers! It offers a huge and varied selection of discreet nicotine pouches at an affordable price. There is a Fumi for every taste and preference!

Helwit from the Swedish manufacturer Yoik is a modern and high-quality brand of nicopods that delivers tasty flavors in a discreet and sustainable way!

Nordic Spirit by Nordic Snus/JTI is an innovative brand of tobacco free nicotine pouches with a chewing-gum based filling, making them provide an incredibly soft and comfortable fit.

On! by Burger Söhne Sweden AB is a tobacco free brand with innovative solutions and incredibly refreshing flavors. Its all-white mini-pouches are some of the most discreet ones available on the market today!

YOYO by Nordic Noir is a tobacco free brand with an urban vibe. Its all-white nicotine pouches deliver flavors inspired by some of the world’s most iconic cities, giving each one a unique and exciting character and flavor profile.

ZYN is the manufacturer Swedish Match’s most popular tobacco free brand of all-white nicotine pouches. ZYN’s high-quality and discreet portions are designed to provide a long-lasting and refreshing burst of both flavor and nicotine.