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On! is a tobacco free alternative to chew or snus that delivers a refreshing and wonderfully tasty experience. These all white and innovative nicotine pouches are filled to the brim with fresh flavors and provides pleasant nicotine kicks. The filling made out of cellulose powder comes with some nifty advantages over traditional tobacco blends. You don’t need to store the pouches refrigerated to keep them fresh, they won’t stain your teeth since they stay completely white at all times, and they have an extremely low moisture content (5%). This dryness contributes to on!s low drip character, making both the flavors and nicotine releases last longer. The convenient and small mini-format makes them comfortable and discreet to use. Combine all of these great attributes together and you’ll get on!, an expectionally fresh and flavorsome treat perfect for every occasion.

on! is available in many different variants and flavors including mint, citrus and coffee. You can now buy your on! it online to Finland straight from our fresh stock online at

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  • Tobacco free, all-white and wild berry flavored mini-nicotine pouches with pleasantly strong kicks!

  • Tobacco free mini-nicotine pouches with a refreshing citrus flavor!

  • These tobacco free & discreet mini-nicobags deliver pleasant kicks (3 mg/portion) and a tasty coffee flavor!

  • Mini-sized and tobacco free nicotine pouches that deliver a fresh mint flavor!

  • Tobacco free, all-white & mini sized nicotine pouches with a smooth and soft mint flavor! 

  • Tobacco free, all-white and mini sized nicotine pouches that deliver a fresh spearmint flavor and pleasant kicks!

  • Tobacco free, all-white and lime-chili flavored nicotine pouches that come in a discreet mini-format!

  • Tobacco free, all-white and mini sized nicotine pouches from on! with a sweet mint flavor!

  • Tobacco free & incredibly discreet mini-nicotine pouches with an exciting flavor of tropical fruits and spiciness!

Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items