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Fumi by The SnusBrothers is a brand that have perfected the art of delivering nuanced and delicious flavors in a discreet and comfortable way. Fumi’s nicotine pouches fit softly under your lip and they come in a wide range of tasty flavors!

  • Tobacco free and slim nicopods with a tasty violet flavor complemented by tones of salty licorice

  • Slim and tobacco free nicobags that deliver a tasty and fruity flavor of salty licorice and blueberries.

  • These tobacco free & slim nicobags deliver a tasty flavor of salty licorice topped with a fruity dash of raspberries.

  • Experience a smooth and refreshing mint flavor with these tobacco free nicotine pouches

  • 100% tobacco free nicotine pouches that deliver a tasty flavor of salty licorice and refreshing lemon.

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