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FUMI – Exciting flavors in a discreet package

Fumi is a Swedish brand of tobacco free nicotine pouches that has made a name for itself with its exciting and unique flavor combinations! It’s produced by The Snus Brothers, a manufacturer based in the Swedish province of Östergötland and the small town of Ödeshög. It’s an up-and-coming manufacturer that despite its recent foundation has many years of experience in the snus business under its belt, and this experience has been put to good use. Fumi’s discreet nicotine pouches deliver nuanced and delicious flavors that has something for every taste and preference!

In its diverse selection of flavors, you’ll find incredibly refreshing mint flavors such as Fumi Softmint. Fumi also has its Fumi Salty-series. Fruity and sweet flavors that are complemented by subtle undertones of saltiness that gives them nuanced and well-balanced flavor profiles!

The filling used by its nicopods is 100% tobacco free and it consists of a natural plant fiber mix. An all-white filling that both ensures that they won’t stain and that they drip minimally. Combine these two great qualities with their comfortable slim size and what you end up getting is incredibly discreet portions that provide a satisfyingly long-lasting release of both flavor and nicotine!

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  • Slim and tobacco free nicobags that deliver a tasty and fruity flavor of salty licorice and blueberries.

  • 100% tobacco free nicotine pouches that deliver a tasty flavor of salty licorice and refreshing lemon.

  • These tobacco free & slim nicobags deliver a tasty flavor of salty licorice topped with a fruity dash of raspberries.

  • Tobacco free and slim nicopods with a tasty violet flavor complemented by tones of salty licorice

  • Experience a smooth and refreshing mint flavor with these tobacco free nicotine pouches

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items