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Mini-sized and tobacco free nicotine pouches that deliver a fresh mint flavor!

Experience a refreshing berry-mint flavor with these tobacco free & all-white nicobags!

These tobacco free, slim and all-white nicobags deliver a refreshing and sweet mint flavor!

We don't sell this product to United States

Tobacco free, all-white and mild nicotine pouches with a delicious strawberry, vanilla and mint flavor combo! 

Tobacco free, all-white and mini-sized nicotine pouches from Volt that deliver pleasant kicks and a fruity strawberry...

Tobacco free, all-white and wild berry flavored mini-nicotine pouches with pleasantly strong kicks!

Experience a round and mild mint flavor with these tobacco free nicotine pouches from Klint.

Tobacco free and slim nicopods with a tasty violet flavor complemented by tones of salty licorice

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